Webcam on the main tower of Moscow State University with online-control

Moscow Kremlin
MSU Tower
Laser show
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IRIS Close  Iris Close Smooth Iris Iris Open  Open
FOCUS Near  Focus Near Smooth Focus Focus Far  Far
ZOOM Wide  Zoom Out Smooth Zoom Zoom In  Tele
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PAN Left  Step left Smooth Pan Step right  Right
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This webcam is mounted on the 13 floor main tower of Moscow State University in Moscow. This webcam allows you to see the most beautiful panorama of Moscow in real time. To start viewing images from the camera, press the "H" in the lower right corner. Control the direction of the camera can be made via the arrows on the right and bottom of the image. To control zoom, aperture and focus can use the arrows located above the image. To the left of the image, you can choose one of two preset positions the camera - the Moscow Kremlin and the Moscow-City complex. You can also download photos from your camera by clicking on "Snapshot" and save it on your computer.
More detailed panorama of Moscow you can see here.
This webcam is based on Axis 2130PTZ.
Rambler's Top100 EarthCam Top 10 Winner